Charley Johnson

City Council
Title: City Councilman
Phone: 734-374-1320

Charley Johnson

This is City Councilman Charley Johnson’s third consecutive, four-year term on the council. He was first elected in 2013, then again in November 2017. This year, he overcame a challenge that took his name off the ballot and had to win a write-in campaign during this season’s primary. Nevertheless, he eventually won a third, four-term. 

A lifelong resident, Johnson is a 1980 graduate of Kennedy High School. He purchased Alert Plumbing from his father in 1983. He sold the company after 20 years, served the City of Taylor as its master plumber, and is now an employee of the State of Michigan in the same capacity.
Johnson believes in the notion that “you get what you give.” He was an integral leader in the formation of Taylor Cares, a volunteer effort that targets and cleans up various areas of the community. Married to Brenda, the couple has two daughters, April and Heather.

Significant Accomplishments

  • Member of Western Wayne Plumbing and Mechanical Association, which has accomplished such projects as new plumbing for the VFW (Taylor), St. John's Lutheran Church (Taylor) and multiple systems for needy seniors
  • One of the founding members of the Taylor Veterans Museum
  • Leader of Taylor Cares volunteer campaign
  • A builder

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