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Posted on: July 10, 2017

City to conduct sewer cleaning, television inspection throughout community

United Resources

The City of Taylor recently obtained a grant through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to conduct a sewer cleaning and television inspection program for sanitary sewers in the City of Taylor. The purpose of the program is to assess the existing condition of the sanitary sewers in an effort to develop a capital improvement program for future rehabilitation and replacement. The work will begin in an area off Goddard near Pardee and continue through others areas of the City.

Hennessey Engineers, Inc. is acting as the City’s engineering and inspection consultant for this project.  Through a competitive bidding process, the City of Taylor awarded Phase 2 of the contract to perform the cleaning and television inspection work to United Resource, LLC, of Livonia, Michigan.  

The first step of the project is the cleaning of the sanitary sewers with a high-pressure water jet, cleaning the sewer from manhole to manhole, and removing the debris with a vactor truck.    

During the work of cleaning the sewers some residents may experience an odor coming from floor drains and/or toilets.  To reduce the chance of odor, residents can add water to all floor drains.  It is recommended, while work is being performed on their block, that residents keep toilet lids closed and place a towel between the toilet and seat to deal with possible pressure backup within the sanitary sewer system.  The cleaning may cause gurgling or splashing, as the high pressure jets clean the sewer main.

This work will involve access to sanitary sewer manholes, some of which are located on private property, typically along rear lot lines. The City is requesting that residents provide Hennessey Engineers and United Resourse reasonable access to these manholes.

United Resource has an easement machine which allows them to do the high-pressure jetting in confined areas, such as residential easements and rear yards. This equipment is much less damaging to the surrounding lawn and landscaped areas than a full-size trailered jet and truck.  The easement machine is used at the point of entry manhole in the rear yard while the truck remains in the street as the water source.  Also, the vactor truck is equipped with extended hose lengths to allow the vactor to stay in the street and still reach backyard manholes.

United Resource will be responsible for the restoration of any lawn or private property damaged while performing this work.

United Resources has been authorized to use specific City fire hydrants for the water necessary for the cleaning process.  As of result of using hydrants in areas with old water mains, natural mineral buildup may be disturbed, resulting in the water having a slight "rust color" for an hour or two.  This does not in any way contaminate the water.  Allowing your water to settle for one or two hours with minimal use and then running the COLD WATER ONLY for one or two minutes will clear any discoloration.  During this period, DO NOT LAUNDRY.

After cleaning the lines, the sewers are televised to evaluate their condition.

The sanitary sewer cleaning and investigation will take place in seven locations of the City, shown as Areas P thru V, on the attached 2017-2018 SAW Grant Sanitary Sewer Clean and TV Map.  The work will be starting in Area S, working from Polk Street to the West.

Beginning the week of July 10, notices will be distributed to residents in Area S, of the City where this work will begin.  The dark pink door-hanger will define clearly when the work is scheduled on your particular block.  If a private easement or rear yard needs to accessed to clean and investigate the sanitary sewer, a representative of Hennessey Engineers or United Resource will personally contact residents prior to entering the yard.

We also ask that you refrain from parking in the street during targeted work periods to allow United Resource trucks to park along the way.  Working hours will be 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

The cooperation of residents during this work period is appreciated. Should you have questions, please call Hennessey Engineers at (734) 759-1600, or contact Greg Mayhew, City Engineer, at (734)374-1473, or by email at 

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