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The 2017 Season

In an all-new feature this year, the Taylor Farmer's Market will be open on Fridays between noon-7 p.m. Opening day is Friday, June 2. Closing day will be Friday, September 29. The market WILL NOT be open on Friday, June 23, due to the Taylor Summer Festival.

Snap/Bridge card/EBT

For the first time this season, the Taylor Farmer's Market will be participating in this program.

History of the Market

The City's market returned two years ago after being absent for three seasons. The new version was extremely successful, recording 14,323 visitors between June and the end of September two years ago. Thirty-five vendors participated overall, with an average of 20-25 participating on any given Friday. Vendors reported strong sales across the board. The 2016 version of the market continued that strong showing, and we look forward to an ever-improving market in the future.

2017 Vendor Rates

  • Upfront Full Season Fee: $160 for 17 weeks (less than $10 per Friday!)
  • Individual Dates, Pay-As-You-Go Fee: $15 per market
  • No Refunds

About the Market

The Taylor Farmer's Market is the largest market of its kind in the Downriver region. It is also the only market held under a roof - in the 41,000-square-foot Sheridan Center Open-Air Pavilion. The roof prevented any rain outs in 2015 and 2016. The market always reserves the right to close due to hazardous weather, but while surrounding markets have closed because of poor weather, the Taylor Farmer's Market has not. That is a benefit to any vendor considering doing business in the area.

The Sheridan Center has ample parking directly in front of the building. Vendors have their own parking area on the north side of the building, adjacent to the loading door. Restrooms are available inside the center. HealthLink, the City's ambulance service, was on-site at all times last year.

Tentative Improvements

The adjacent Lamarand Splash Field and the inline skating rink will result in more traffic inside the marketplace, more opportunity for vendors and more exposure for sponsors!

All-Volunteer Force

The Taylor Farmer's Market is operated exclusively by volunteers. Market Manager Thom Ouellette, heading into his second season, emphasizes the friendliness of the market. Ouellette's aim is to make the Taylor Market Experience the best that it can be for vendors, visitors and sponsors. Unlike other markets in the surrounding areas, the Taylor marketplace includes themed days, raffles and parties for vendors and other giveaways.

"We want to create the best possible experience for anyone working or attending our market," he said.

The market is always looking for volunteers, whether individual or group. If you are interested, please contact Kimber Dorton.

Taylor Farmer's Market Committee

The committee is made up of:

Taylor Farmer's Market Inc.

The market is quickly moving toward 501(c)3 status. The Board of Directors includes the following members:
President/Director: Thom Ouellette
Secretary: Kimber Dorton
Treasurer: Jerry Ziemba
Directors: Jack Myers, Ruth Sebaly, Erin Dobbins, Jeff Dobek, Kathy Soccia, Ken Hughes, Karl Ziomek, Nicole Ulin and Laura Dunham.
Farmer's Market Entrance